Friday, May 16, 2014

Update on The Haunting of Sam Cabot
As I mentioned in last month's newsletter, come August I will have the rights to my novella, The Haunting of Sam Cabot, back from my publisher.
What I didn’t mention is by then it will no longer be a novella but a full blown novel. Many readers loved the book but lamented that it would be so cool if it was longer. Well, I listened, and for the past few months I’ve been working on turning it into a longer and more complex work. The original novella is told in the first person from the perspective of the protagonist Sam, and for a while I actually did flirt with the idea of changing it to  third person. In the end I de
cided to keep it in the first person. I believe it works well that way and so do many of its readers. Sam is the perfect voice to tell the story of his own descent into madness. Or perhaps it’s not madness at all but something else entirely? You be the judge. The bonus is that it will be more than double in size with lots more twists and turns. I’m really excited about it and hope you guys like it as much as the original version. By the way, it will also be available for the first time as an audio book. More updates on that later.

Apocalypse Island Promotion

For those who haven't read Apocalypse Island, the first book in the Blue Light Series, the kindle edition will be on sale for just .99 from May 17th thru May 23rd. That's tomorrow thru the following Friday. To date Apocalypse Island is my all time bestselling novel reaching Amazon's top twenty list three separate times and landing on several number one bestseller lists. If you haven't read it this is your chance to grab the kindle edition for just .99 little pennies. Hope you decide to check it out.

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